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Carmen has a lot of experience in the business, dealing with customers and she treats people with respect, responding calls immediately. She knows the market very well and gave me good recommendations in order for me to make a good decision to buy my house. Bought a Single Family home in 2009 in Woodbridge, NJ.

I’m an attorney with 40 years of experience in real estate, construction, bankruptcy and consumer law. I know right from wrong and am quick to recognize warning signs when dealing with people and the many trades and professions. Never in my life or career have I met a real estate broker or agent with more integrity, fidelity or helpful knowledge than Don Weingart, at Fox & Foxx, who just finished guiding me through sale and purchase of a new home. My own knowledge and ability pales in contrast to Don’s. 

Specifically, he was loyal. My search involved house after house, and 3 deals which crashed, including one I canceled after the home inspection. Don stuck with me, and when I canceled the deal, he confirmed I did the right thing. He went right back to searching and showing me more listings.

He put my interests ahead of his own. In all my experience, people who work on commission, and especially real estate agents, put their interest in their commission above my best interest. If you’re astute, you can pick out things an agent says and does to get you to close a deal. They urge you to meet a price; steer you to an attorney who does nothing to protect you, only to protect and earn his/her next referral. Realtors steer you to a home inspector who gets you to sign a no-recourse contract with him so when he finds nothing, you can’t claim against him. Realtors will tell you why you should lower the price of your home or that 5 other buyers are bidding against the house you want. Mr. Weingart had plenty of opportunity to sway me to close a deal. Instead, he gave me values often much lower than what I thought I should offer. He pointed out expensive items requiring repair and warned me if I bought a house with an unlawful downstairs apartment complete with kitchen, I could be forced to remove it or worse, be assessed back taxes for unreported un-inspected improvements. I learned a lot from Don. I grew to respect and admire him. He knew more about construction than I. He suggested I avoid a home where the pitch on a roof was insufficient to justify shingles. I found one house I liked was downhill from a gas station. He suggested it would be difficult to resell, as water and hazardous chemicals flow downhill.

Don never grew impatient with me when I didn’t respond to a brick home he thought was well constructed and well priced. He drove or met me in Metuchen, Edison, Fords, Flemington and even Frenchtown. I was a very difficult client. What he endured would have tired another agent after a week. I cannot say enough about Don or Fox and Foxx for allowing him to spend so much time with me. I expected Fox and Foxx to tell him to dump me, as one agency had done before. I give Donald Weingart 5 stars which he’s earned the hard way. I highly recommend him.